Can you add a footnote to a doc?

Can you add a footnote to a doc? Need to use for referencing research

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It depends on what you mean with footnote, and what you mean with doc…? :wink:

Do you want to build a table of references?

It is VERY much going to depend in the structure of the rest of your document. I very seldom do things in directly in pages, I keep everything in tables.

  1. If you have your text in pages
    You can have a central table with references. If needed per page, the table would also have a column with the page name. At the bottom of the page, you would have a view of the table, filtered to the entries for that page.

  2. If you have your text in a table, you could have a column in the table that contain the reference(s). That allows you to have the reference “close” to the where the information is used.

  3. Another approach that you can follow if the text is in a table, is the approach that I have fleshed out in this example document:
    RP's ITE 2.0 - Integrated Thinking Environment

The doc fundamentally consists of a single notes table. The table can have different types of notes, I suggest you have one for your “text”, e.g. a research doc note type, and another note type for “Reference”. You can then flexibly cross link the notes in a many to many relationship.


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