Help Passing Row Info to a Canvas Column

Hi all, after the community helped with my last problem, I thought I’d post this one too.

I’m trying to use a button to place an @Row identifier into a canvas column, but the canvas column won’t show it as a reference (and any text formatting is removed).

Here’s a doc that shows the issue: Write-to Canvas Column Bug

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Andrew_Farnsworth

Is that what you’d like to do ?


FYI here is the formula I use, with a good old Character(10) or Linebreak of course, but I tested it quite quickly.
Tell me if I misunderstood !?!

EDIT : Cleaner version below,

considering you’ve got a first linebreak in your canvas before you start clicking


You solved it, Quentin, thanks! I thought I had started with concatenate, but regardless… it works!


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