Help Request: referring to to a *page* in a document with a formula

Hi! I’ve fallen for Coda pretty hard but still have some things that I miss from using Notion. Among them: I’m often creating “to do” lists in Coda where some of the items require longer discussions / merit pages in the doc on their own. Other items might be self explanatory.

Simple example: my to-dos for the weekend might include:

  • Laundry
  • Clean the house
  • Host dinner for in-laws

The first two items are pretty straight-forward, but you know, when the in-laws come over it’s a big production — that item might benefit from having its own page.

I’d like to automate the creation of that page as much as possible (for myself, and also for my team, who are just getting used to Coda). So I’m trying to create a button in each row of the table that:

  1. Creates a new page in the document, with the To-Do as a title (i.e., it would be called “Host dinner for in-laws”). This part is pretty easy, using “Duplicate Page”
  2. Updates the “To-Do” from the raw text to be a reference to the corresponding page (the one I just created). This would be the same as typing @Host dinner for in-laws in the “To-Do” field. This…I cannot figure out how to do, because I don’t believe there’s a way to reference a page in formulas. Even if there were, I probably couldn’t reference a page that doesn’t exist yet…

I know the community here has figured out some pretty wild workarounds. Does this seem doable in any way?


Hi Bikram,

You are in luck because Coda has also fallen hard for you! This is absolutely possible in Coda :slightly_smiling_face:

Check out this example doc:


Thanks Ryan_Martens2, this is great! It’s really helpful to see how you handled the part that I was having the most trouble reasoning through — from other light programming, I’m used to, say, creating the new page as an object and then referencing that object when I need it. I didn’t realize you could nest the creation of the new page in a ModifyRows call, which essentially accomplishes something similar. Very neat!

Thanks again.

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