Help with filter formula

I am having trouble replicating a formula. It works in one document but now I am trying to use it in another and it is not working.

I have a customer table and an invoice table. The customer table has all my customers. The invoice table has all the invoices for 2019 to YTD. In the customer table, I want a field called “last order date” with the date of the most recent invoice for each customer. So Whole Foods might be 2/5/2020 and Store B is 11/25/19.

The formula in the existing doc is: AllInvoices.Filter (thisRow=Customer).InvoiceDate.Max()

When I replicate it in the new doc, I just have blanks.

Tables are set up the same and Customer is the primary field in both.



Dear @anon10352527

A dummy doc is always appreciated, just to be able to debug your actual situation.
If I have understood your question well, please find a sample solution embedded:

Kindly note that when making a copy of the formula, it sometimes happens NOT to receive the right outcome, always better to write

Thank you so much!! I will check this out now. Someone else helped as well so between the two of you I think I am set.

@anon10352527 what was the problem?

All fixed - thank you all!!

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I only asked as it helps others when reading through the old threads when the solution is noted in the thread.
Are you able to let us know what the problem was and what the solution was? :slight_smile:

@Brendan_Woithe the outcome was buttons pushing buttons :point_down:

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