Help with some debugging

Howdy there,

I was trying to build a doc that analyze sentiments on product reviews. I have a table for all the sentiments and associated keywords, like the one below, where KW is a list of texts.

and the main review table looks something like this: Nothing fancy

In col 6, what I was trying to do is, for every sentiment, look through the keywords, and see if we have a hit in the review content column, if yes, then return the sentiment, implemented as follows:

However, something is clearly off here. in the first row, I have two words(marked) that should hit both fit and good, but I’m only gettin sound as a hit.

I am a bit out of my depths here, can anyone tell me what I did wrong there? Thanks a lot!

I figured out the problem. So apparently putting a bunch of words in a text field seperated by commas does not make it a list, you’d have to either listcombine or split to actually get a list item. Problem solved.

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