Show Sentiment Analysis score in table

Would anyone be able to help me with the following.

I have a table that contains 15 rows, each row will have a different headline for use within Google Ads.

I want to add a column to the table, that provides the Sentiment Analysis score of the text seen in the headline column.

I can see there is a pack that could potentially be used, but am unsure of the formula I need to add.

Here is a link to the doc I’m using, the table is the ‘Headlines’ table:

Hi Greg, Leandro here the creator of the Pack :raised_hand:

Once the Pack is installed in your doc, you need to use the Analyze formula and pass the text that you want to analyze as the first parameter. For example in a column you can click on the options and then add formula to use it.

If you want give me edit access for to the doc and will give you a hand.

Thanks Leandro! I really appreciate that, I’ve just granted edit access for you.

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