Help with Switch() formula autocomplete

Hello there !

When using the If() formula, Coda helps us write the formula by autocompleting the fields we can use :

:arrow_right: Here, I automatically get the valueJour du mois (1 à 31):+1:

But when using Switch() formula, we are lost with ourselves (or at least I am :sweat_smile:) and cannot find any easy way to find the fields I want to work with :thinking:

:arrow_right: Here, impossible to find the valueJour du mois (1 à 31):x:

Am I missing something ?
Could that same autocomplete option be enabled ?

Thank you for your help :pray:

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In the SwitchIf() you do not have an expresssion, just column name “Type Recurrence”. In the if you have an = sign before.

Thank you @Piet_Strydom for your answer, but I don’t get what I have to do to get the autocomplete I wish :sweat_smile: