Hiding a table when no rows exist

Hi! How do I hide a table/column in a row look up window when no rows exist?

Just to clarify: you only want to hide it when no rows exist, but otherwise you want it to be displayed?

If that’s the case there isn’t a way to do that unfortunately

Yes that is what I’m interested in doing. That’s unfortunate. Thanks for the quick response.

In this case though, I think it’s better with the empty table. It’s pretty useful to know that an assembly isn’t used

For this example yes maybe that’s true. My idea behind this is to reduce noise when displaying a part info page, reduce clutter etc. Another example is related to my INCLUDES column in that there are many parts like resistors and capacitors that will never have any sub items. The ability to hide the Includes column for these types of parts would remove an unused table that will never get used.

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Ah, so to achieve this I think you might be better off with two separate tables: one contains your base parts, the other will contain your assemblies.

That way you can build up assemblies with however many parts and display information only pertinent to assemblies, rather than mixing the two. You can also have larger assemblies built out of smaller ones.

All of this said, you might be able to formulaically control which layout is shown with this trick:

Thanks so much for following through this with me. Yes I do have two different tables. One for base parts “Items database” and one for assemblies which is where you can add what base parts are in each assembly row. The thing to imagine is that there could be instances where there are multiple stages or levels of assembly. This means there are some components that have BOTH sub-items (“Includes” parts) and ALSO are “Used In” or is a sub-item of an assembly. The simple example I’m showing is the PCB Assembly that shows a list of sub-items that it includes and it’s also used in the higher level box assembly.

For this case I want to display both INCLUDES and USED IN because this Item is in a middle stage of the assembly. For items that are at the Top are Bottom stages/levels of assembly hiding an unused table would be nice.

I don’t know if this clears up more what I’m trying to do or if you already understand :). thanks again.

Ah great, yeah you are doing it exactly how I would do it.

To get the kind of display you are looking for, I would add a button with some logic that opens a different layout depending on whether Used In is blank