Horizontal Bar Charts Stacked

I am stuck trying to create this type of chart (sketch below)

From a table like so:

Can someone help?


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Hi @Robin_Bigio,

Please, have a look at this implementation:

Basically, you’d need to swap rows and columns to get exactly what you need (solution 1)

However, I’d switch to a more flexible solution (solution 2)
I don’t know if it’s your case, but you might have more options and more categories.
Instead of “blocking” one of the two dimensions in the column list, I have moved to a row-based approach.
This way you can easily add Categories and options and the chart will reflect it automatically.

Please, let me know if this helps.


@Federico_Stefanato — this is really helpful.

From what I understand the grouped version is just another view of the original, but with columns grouped? I can’t really see the options for that table in View Only.

This is a screenshot of the actual table I am trying to do chart—I can’t easily swap columns and rows.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Robin_Bigio

You can copy the document and edit as you like (ellipsis “…” on top left, right to doc name).

I understand.
I don’t know how much you can change your data model, but in order to have this chart (and to have a consistent relational perspective), what you could do is to decouple the Avg/Week columns and create a table Average By Category with the following columns:

  • Event Category (lookup on the current one)
  • Avg/Week (with options list: New and Current)
  • Value (the effective average number)

At that point you plot the chart of Average By Category table.

Let me know if it’s not clear.
If you can share me a working sample I can show you in a doc.

Thanks @Federico_Stefanato! Here is a copy of that doc:

Hi @Robin_Bigio ,
perhaps in your case it’s better to walk around the problem.

Have a look:

Basically, you build up a specific structure only for the chart purposes.
The drawback, is that you have to explicitly trigger the button (either manually or through an automation)

Would this be a viable solution for you?

Let me know.

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