How can I convert Pages to Docs

I have a Doc with about 40 pages and would like to convert each Page into a separate Doc. Is that possible without me repeating Doc creation and copy-to-doc 40 times? Thanks.

HI David,

Yes. One way to do it is to create the 40 new docs, and then from each page, select copy to doc, as shown below:

Hi @Piet_Strydom thanks for the response but I am after a single action or process. Perhaps I can write a script.

Interesting problem. Can’t find a smart solution either.

You can use “copy to doc” as a button, but the action still requires manual doc selection/creation.

Then I thought of making a “Split Doc” pack, but can’t find a way to make it happen here as well:

You can duplicate a doc with the API, but duplicate a single page into a doc. You can also not delete pages, so you can also not duplicate the doc x-times and then delete everything except that one page :thinking:

Maybe there will be a copy-page-to-doc method in the API someday.

My understanding is that the “Copy to Doc” formula uses the “current” page as source, therefor one can create a button, and copy it to each f the pages. That is about the quickest I can think of.

@David_Walker - May I ask why you want to split your doc into pieces?


Thanks @Piet_Strydom and @Daniel_Stieber - I am new to Coda and trying to ascertain the best way to structure content. Key considerations are:

  1. No nesting of folders.
  2. Nested Tables are a bit confusing and unintuitive to navigate.
  3. Permissions are applied at the Doc so using the Doc as a pseudo folder only works if sharing all content of the Doc with all collaborators.

So I started off trying to use a Doc as a pseduo folder (given the lack of nesting) but then realised that was not going to work for me. So I now want to make each Page into a Doc, which is how the same information is structured in a traditional filing system.

On reflection, I think it is unlikely I will want to convert Pages to Docs in bulk very often. So the absence of the feature is probably not a concern. But nested folders would be handy.

Why do you want to structure your information in the traditional way? :thinking:

To me one of the huge advantages of Coda is the ability to have all info in a single doc, so that you can start developing integration and synergies.

Or do you need to split for authorisation purposes?


Yes, I need to share different Pages with different people. But when I try to share a Page, I share the entire Doc.


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