How can I copy a button?

Hi, I’ve created a button that opens a form. I want to copy the button to another page in my doc. I can’t select the button to copy/paste, because clicking it opens the form. I feel like I’m missing something that is simple. Thanks for the help.

You can highlight the button using the mouse cursor and then use Ctrl+C to copy it. But it can be weirdly tricky to try to highlight the button itself.

Yeah, it can be tricky, especially if there is not a lot of room around the button. You can also click cloe to the button, and then use the arrow keys to move the cursor onto the button.

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Thanks for the help guys. Yes, that was trickier/more annoying than it needed to be. For anyone else who might need it, I clicked just to the right of the button, which brought up the cursor to start typing. I then held CTRL+LeftArrow to highlight the button. CTRL+C, CTRL+V. Worked like a charm.

Just a note, if your button interacts with another control, you can copy & paste both at the same time and the copies will have new names that correctly link to each other. You can edit the names after to make them accurate.

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