How do I edit values in a related column?

Hi @Sarah_Zwier :blush:

You could add a OpenRow() button in your [Email Addresses] table which will expand the row of the user selected in your relation field User where you could then modify their info :blush:

In the sample below, the action formula I used in the “Edit User Info” button is :


I hope this helps :innocent:

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Let me first thank you as you have provided a solution.

Having said that, and this isn’t your fault of course as you aren’t the developer, but it’s truly janky.

Coda is definitely easier to use than coding but if this is the only solution, it’s quite a workaround to produce a very simple result.

When I saw that Linked Relations had been made available my hope was that two way editing of values would be available, not just two way editing of selections.

I want to keep this simple for the end user but I’m not against creating a form if that’s necessary to make it simple.

Rather than a button to open a form to edit the data from the Users table, is it possible to edit data from two tables in one form?

Or does anyone else have a simpler solution?

If not, is there any technical reason that Coda wouldn’t make this available to the users?

Hi @Sarah_Zwier :blush: !

I’m sorry but I’ve got to ask :innocent: … What do you mean by this ?

I’m genuinely curious to know what makes you think this is such a complex workaround ? :thinking:

I mean, I didn’t need to create a form to make the button work.
In this case, it uses what’s already (and always have been) there, It uses the underlying default detail layout of a row in a table (which can be customised), the same one you get when expanding a row manually…

I’m not trying to push any potential workaround, just to understand what the issue might be with this one in the use case you initially shared :blush: .

As for this :

From the setup your shared in your first post, you could use a (possibly filtered) detail connected view of your Users table or the Emails one (depending on the expected result) and have the corresponding relation/linked relation field displayed as a subtable within the detail layout :blush:

(This sample will probably looked a little better when opened in its own tab’)

There could be other ways too though but that would depends on what you’re expecting, precisely :blush:

As for related columns, generally speaking, they are just “shortcuts” to datas linked to a row (or multiple ones) within a relation field or a linked relation one, nothing more.
They are meant to easily grab, with just a few clicks, linked datas from a table to another (as opposed to having to create such fields manually) and possibly manipulate those linked datas while being added …
So yes, they still follow the rule any other formulaically setup field follows: They’re not directly editable and might require some editing workarounds :blush:

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