How do I expand columns?

I can expand the column in a pop up window but how do I do it permanently?


Hi @Kenneth_Jacobs :blush: !

If you get back at the top of your table and hover the name of the field with your mouse, specifically the left or right borders of the field, a “grabber” should appear and it will allow you to resize the concerned field (by “holding” it) :blush: .

Resizing field (grabber)

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Thank you! I am a newbie.

No problem @Kenneth_Jacobs :grin: !

Glad to know it helped !

Oh and something I forgot to mention : If you wish to apply the same width to multiple fields, you can do this at once by selecting the concerned fields and then resizing one of them (the width will be applied to all the selected fields once you release the “grabber” ) :blush:

Same width - multiple fields

Awesome! Two good answers for the price of one!

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