How do I export the table to JSON?

I need to export the table to JSON, including the objects that are referenced in the columns (and their properties). What is the easiest way for me to do this?

The only way that comes to mind would be via the API - have you played with that at all?

It wouldn’t be very simple (particularly the bit about including the references), but definitely doable. Do you need something that would work generically for any table, or is this a one-off thing where you just need to do this for a certain table with known columns?

High-level, I would use Google Apps Script to get all the rows in a table via the API, using valueFormat=rich to get the actual lookup references (instead of just text of display column), and then hitting the API again to get the detailed info for each lookup object.

It is a heavy duty table with known columns so I found that I can do it this way:

Oh nice! What did you need the JSON for ultimately - passing complex data to a pack?

For minting a complex set of NFTs.

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