How long does it usually take to get invited to Coda Pack Studio Beta after form submission?

Dear Coda pack developers.
I have one question about Coda Pack Studio Beta onboarding process.

I heard a very good news of Coda Pack Studio Beta yesterday, got excited, fulfilled the form and submitted right away.

Does any one of you know how long it usually takes to get invited to the studio after form submission?

I can’t wait to develop great packs with this great product!


I’m glad to hear you are excited about building Packs! We are actively enrolling new folks into the Beta program, usually once a week. You’ll get a welcome email once you are in the program, and it should be in a few days.

I’m glad to hear that @Eric_Koleda!
Thank you Codans so much for creating a very fun product and supportive community!

I just found out the invitation in my mail box!
Thanks a lot!
Now fun time begins ; )

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