How to access column names in automations?

This automation is triggered whenever the row is modified, you’d think it would have access to the content of the row. But it seems it does not.

How do I access this value when the automation is triggered?

What you’re looking for in step 2 is

Step 1 Result.

instead of


Edit: oh wait, you have that in your screen shot. When building the automation, it will show as blank, but when the automation actually runs, Step 1 Result.Projected Profit Margin should work.

Ah ok, so it just doesn’t show autocomplete information?

I think autocomplete should work but the preview of the result of your formula doesn’t?

What table does Projected Profit Margin column exist in? DB Time Entries? Or a separate table of jobs, and DB Time Entries’s Job column is a lookup to the Jobs table?

If it’s the latter, you want Step 1 Result.Job.Projected Profit Margin (Step 1 result is a row from the DB Time Entries table)