How to access columns from a formula that returns a row?


I’m using a admin/meta table to control some parts of my coda doc, and to do so I have a flag where I mark the row that is active. I also a formula that is used to select this active row for easier access, instead of thisDocument.Admin.Filter(active = true).First() I can now just use active_admin, since I’ve named the formula.

So the problem I have now is that I want to read a specific value from this active admin row, but it doesn’t work. If I try to write active_admin.column in a formula anywhere that doesn’t work even though the column does exists. Am I doing something wrong or is this as intended?



If I understand your goal correctly, this seems to be working for me:



I did figure it out. To get the column from the active_admin formula I needed to extract the value first, so what I needed to do was active_admin.value.someColumn.

Created a gif of my solution. The problem was with the second formula where I first didn’t realize I needed to use Value after active row.


Table.First() not returning a row?

Just want to up this topic. Faced the same problem. It is VERY unclear that datatype after First() not equals to datatype of list elements (unless you have named formula). I think this is a bug.