How to aggregate data from multiple tables- reverse filter

I’m tracking “availability” of people and want both a master table and separate tables for each individual. The regular approach would use a single Master table with the data, and filtered views on that table for each Individual.

But I want to do this backwards: I want to use the Google Calendar connection to pull each individuals information into a table in Coda, then aggregate those individual tables into a master table of group availability. Any advice on how to do this?

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Hi @Eric_Shank :slight_smile:
I think an automation or a button could work in this case! This action (made via automation or button) is the only way that i’m aware of to move rows from one table to another!

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Thanks @Mario I have an automation almost working… it automatically adds rows to my Master when something changes in the individual, but for some reason it puts all the new data in one row, haven’t figured that out yet:

Hehe! classical problem!
'cause that formula should be done once for each new row/entry!

You should use “formulamap()” for that :slight_smile:

Not really straight forward the first time you use it, but once you got it’s as hard as a coda formula can be :slight_smile: (not as hard as they can become thought :slight_smile: )

The only problem is that you’re saying something like
“When a new event is added
add a row
that contain the new row”

Instead you should try

“When a new event is added
for each row that is added
create a new row
and put one on those new row into it”

Hope i’ve helped :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Mario . I understand… started looking into it; I can see where it is going. This is going to take some noodling!

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