How to automatically archive and add new rows with current dates

At the end of every week, i want to be able to archive this weeks schedule (mon- fri) and automatically add 5 new rows that have the next weeks dates (next mon-fri). is there any way for me to do this? See Doc attached.

Thank You!

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Hey there!

I would utilize some Date Controls (as explained in this example doc)

Essentially, with that method set up in your doc you create named variables in your document that contain every day for the current week, month, year, etc.

Then, with the nextWeek variable you create you can then run an automation utilizing formulaMap() to add dates for every day in the upcoming week!

Thats the short of it (and ideas on general principles) - the actual solution to your specific problem I instituted in the doc above!

Heres the buttons formula that will add the rows:

And here is the formula that grabs next weeks Monday-Friday:

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