How to calculate a new date

=(thisRow.[Date of Last Made Tool] +days(thisRow.[Average Tool Lifetime in days]))

What operator should I use to get this to spit out a date?

For example of what I am looking for, 5/4/2023 + 7 days should be 5/11/2023 .

Hi @Ryan_Lacey :blush: !

What is your formula currently returning ? :innocent:
I mean, what does the result looks like ?

So I may have not been clear. I have three columns: Date Made (date format), Lifetime (number format), and Estimated Next Due Date (date format). I want the third column to automatically calculate based on inputs in the first two columns. Right now I have to manually tell the program to apply to blank rows and it works. I want it to do everything automatically, especially in the case of changing lifetimes as we improve our process.

Ah! So I guess you’ve used this formula into the Value for new rows :blush:

Just under the Value for new rows there’s a Add Formula.
If you click on it, it will open the formula editor and this is where your formula should be going … but without the = as a starting point.

This :point_down: should be sufficient :blush:

thisRow.[Date of Last Made Tool] 
+ days(thisRow.[Average Tool Lifetime in days])

It might return an error if your 2 other fields don’t have a value yet though :blush:

This works! Thank you so much!

My pleasure @Ryan_Lacey :grin: !

Glad to know this now works as expected :grin: !

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