How to check if a certain moment falls in a period

I have a list of periods (typically 2-3 days), marked by begin date & time and end date+time
and I have a list of moments (date + time). All periods are connected, no gaps in between them.
These moments are often on days that don’t appear in the period list.
How can I detect in which period each moment falls?

Unless I misunderstand, you should just be able to use >< operators

Date/time values are really just numbers under the hood.

So trying to find out if a date falls in a period of time is like trying to find out if a number exists outside or inside a boundary

Does the number 7 exist inbetween 4-10?

7> numbers.first() and 7< numbers.last()

Does that help? Or are you looking for something else?

hi @Pieter-Jan_Ardies ,

Could you or share a doc or some screenshots?

as @Scott_Collier-Weir indicated correctly, dates (and time) are numbers we can compare using logical operators.

a while ago I wrote a blog about something alike, maybe it gives some inspiratie. I guess however that your question can be solved in an easier manner.

Cheers, Christiaan


The thing is that the data is in 2 separate tables. some pics will make it clearer:
Table 1 contains the moments, and should get a new column in which the display column value of table 2:

Table 2 contains the start and end date of a period and the name, which should be referred in table 1

Thanks, @Christiaan_Huizer , I have shared screenshots and a clearer version of my question as answer to @Scott_Collier-Weir 's first response.

@Pieter-Jan_Ardies ,

something like this, but you need better sample data to see it at work

the better you inform us, the more we can of help, cheers, Christiaan

Of course… a simple filter.
I can easily get overwhelmed if I don’t find the answer straight away. Most of the time I find aswers in the community, but this time I couldn’t because I was looking too far…
thanks @Christiaan_Huizer !!

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