How to Check if Docs are Shared Publicly, Pro Plan

I recently received a “Request to Edit” from a user outside our organization on a Doc that I could’ve sworn was private. I’m wondering how they even found the doc in the first place and I’m now paranoid that other docs are not set as private. Where would I go to ensure my docs are private?

These share settings should give you the data/information you need to know.

Other possibilites are how that document is stored within your workspace (specifically whether or not its in a public/private folder) and whether or not that outside user has access to your workspace for some reason

Id also check the publish settings?

Awesome, thank you. It appears that it is not published or shared. If I go to the publish page there is an option to allow the doc to be discoverable which was on, but there’s no save button, only a “Publish” button. I’m interpreting that as that option would only be enabled if the doc was published.

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