How to copy one column data into another with desired duplications

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Take a look at the above link.
I want to use formula to copy all the tags from Tag column into Result column. But with a more extra condition! I want to have the tags in Result column with the quantity in Tag column multiplied by Multiplier column. For example in the first row, I want to have two tag1 and two tag2 in Result column. How can I do that?

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try this formula in the result column:
is that what your are trying to accomplish?


Thank you so much!

It works. Another question. I want to count number of tags in Result and put the total occurrence of each tag in a new column in Tags List table. For example tag2 happens 5 times in Result column or tag1 happens 6 times.
I am using this formula in second column of Tags List table:


But it does not work. Can you help me on this too?


Hello @Alireza_karimi ,

Actually, what you are doing is pretty complicated because of the way lists work - there are several routes to what you want, but I worked out one for you. I don’t have time to explain, but you can copy my document and see how it is done. I had to change the formula I gave to you earlier to make sure all the elements stay separate. The solution for counting is to count all items, than take all items once more, but delete the item you want to count (including the separation komma that belongs to that item) and replace it with nothing. The new string/list contains all the items minus the once you want to count. Add a count() to the second string and distract this from the first count - it gives you the count you are looking for. To fully understand split up the formulas in smaller sections (in extra helper columns and look at the generated lists.

My sample doc is here: Copy of Tracker

edit: I see now that the last column doesn’t count correctly - I will take another look.
It’s fixed - the last element in a list requires an extra ‘treatment’.

I am not entirely happy with my approach, but I do think it is robust enough to work with larger lists.

Looking forward to see some other solutions from the cracks, because I run into this type of thing regularly.


Thanks a lot @joost_mineur !

You helped me a lot! Your solution worked.

As you said, also looking for other solutions from community.

And If anyone has idea on how to add date filter beside all of the stuff @joost_mineur said.

Hello @Alireza_karimi ,

I wasn’t all that happy with my solution, so I redid it in my doc - please check it out (both tables have changes and look much better now. You need to make a new copy of my doc to see what I have done.


Thank you @joost_mineur

Now it looks more clean and obvious to me.