How count Tags number from another table

I have several tags in a row in one of my tables and I want to count the number of these tags in another table, I used the following formula to count them but it does not work properly:


I mean such a table:

Hi @amin_jebeli
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Your formula is almost OK… You are trying to compare a text with a row reference.

You have two ways to make it work:

  1. Make the tags column in Table 1 a lookup to the Table 2 table rather than a select list (recommended)
  2. You add the column tags lists of Table 2 in the formula:
    [Table 1].[tags].ListCombine().Filter(CurrentValue.Contains(thisRow.[tags lists])).Count()

I hope this helps.

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Thank you!

Thank you Federico
The formula you submitted did not work, in fact I have a main table from which I also made 7 different views per person, I want to count the tags registered per person.
The example I created is actually the same Hats table that was created per person, and in another table I want to count the number of tags registered for that person per line.

Hello @amin_jebeli

try this one (based on your shared example):
Table.Filter(tags.Contains(thisRow.[tags list])).Count()

Though I still warmly recommend the first approach.

I have the feeling we are dealing with different data.

This is the copy of your document and I see the correct number of occurrences in the formula column (with that formula)

Please, let me know if we are pointing to the same direction.

I explain my problem in this link: