Counting Occurence Tags from a main table to another table

Morning all,

I’m struggling with formula, so I hope that you can help.

I have two table, Crew Schedule and Scorecard.

In the table Scorecard I would like to count how many time I enter different tags into the table Crew schedule and count them. Also I need to add a coefficient to certain tags.
For example, when the tag XXTRA is enter I would like to count it and multiplie it by 1.5.

So if the crew Tim Petit from Crew Schedule has 2 XXTRA tags, I would like to see the number 3 in my table scorecard (count 2 x 1.5 = 3)

Thanks for your help !

Hey @Timothee_Petit ok to really get help here you need to create a shared doc that the community can edit. My intuition is that you create a tag table, where you list each tag. In that table, you hvae another column called Score where you can have your 1 or 1.5.

Then in your Crew Schedule table you have a look-up multiple select column referencing Tags. Then have another column called Score =thisrow.Tags.Score.Sum()

I think that will work … AND an example would get us much closer. Good luck!

Hey @Johg_Ananda,

Thanks for your reply. Indeed an example will be better.

I’n not sure how to share a doc and I dont want to share all the info I have, do you know how I can proceed ?


Dear @Timothee_Petit,

It’s not necessary to share your original doc.
You could copy that one, take out / replace sensitive data and share the doc link with the settings to “can view” or even better “can edit”

Just create to fake sample persons like John Smith and Anna Brooks with their scores

Found it !

Thanks a lot guy, see below: