How to Display two values from different tables in one row of a third table?

So this is basically, what i need to achive:

  1. I paste the Tags into column 2 of “Text 1” and “Text 2”
  2. The system needs to find matching text
  3. and displays the values of column “Name” in the same row in “Table”

Anybody an idea?


Hi !

I tried to copy your tables and for me it works like this. But the thing that is unclear to me is that you have multiple tags in your Table Text 1 but you want only one to appear in your Matching tag column. How do you decide which one ?

Tell me if this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Aurelie :slight_smile: , thanks for the answer.

The system needs to show all matching combinations once.

So whenever Text 1 and Text 2 have one or multiple matches, the combination of Text 1 & Text 2 should be shown once.

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