How to create a new row in table 2 based on select list value in table 1

I have a master/parent ‘table 1’ for Idea Management which feeds other tables (table 2, table 3), who’s titles are all options in a select list ie:

Select List:
Table 2
Table 3

I want a new row to be created (that includes the title from the related row in table 1) on whatever table title is selected from table 1 (select list) upon selection ie:

A row should be created in table 2, adopting title from table 1 upon selection of ‘table 2 title’ from the select list in said row of table 1.

This is my first time using formula’s and I’ve tried to use references found in other issues but I’m not succeeding. See screenshots below of my tables and formula.

Table 1 - Master/Parent

Table 2 - Coffee No Creamer
Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 10.15.07 PM

Your best option is to use the Switch() or SwitchIf() formula in your run actions. Based on the choice in brand you will add a row in one table or another.
How do you want the new row creation to triggered? A button, an automation? As you can see in your screenprint, runactions() (or for that matter AddRow()) is not supported in a text field, but it is supported for a button.
Keep in mind that it is not always favorable to have to many similar tables - often it works better to have one extra table and use filters to get views of items that belong together.
And, as you might have read in other community posts: sharing a sample doc makes it a lot easier for the community to support you, rather than looking at some screenprints.



Great suggestions all around and I will start sharing an actual doc when asking for help.

  1. I would like the creation of a row in a secondary table to be triggered upon selection of the brand in the brand column from table one. I select ‘Coffee No Creamer’ in table one and then a row is created in the ‘Coffee No Creamer’ table sharing the title from that row in table 1.

  2. The suggestion to use a filter is actually brilliant as it simplifies the process

Table one link:

Table 2: Coffee No Creamer link