How to create a non-table list of items grouped by another item

I’m trying to create a text list (not in table) of items that each has a list of items.

  1. A paragraph which shows a list of stories, and the tasks for each story. Data comes from a tasks table, each task (row) has a story value in a designated column. format:
    story 1: task 1, task 2, task 3
    story 2: task 4, task 5, task 6

  2. Have that list only showing items that were filtered by a value in the task rows.
    Filter tasks that are finished (“done” status); show a list of those tasks by the story they belong to (like example #1).

Reminder: how to do this as a paragraph, not as a table or view of the referenced table.

Thank you.

Hi @Premshay_Hermon!
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Would something like this work for you?

Let me know!


Had to make some minor adjustments but this was a perfect solution.

Thank you, @Federico.Stefanato

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