How can I create+reference a new tasks inline in the text of a page

When creating meeting notes, during note taking new tasks need to be added throughout the text, inline.
For example:
Today John has his birthday [Task: buy John a birthday cake] And tomorrow we have a workmeeting.

At the bottom I want all inline tasks to be listed again, but in a table.
I managed to have the table show up, but the creation of inline tasks I can’t figure out. I only see how I can ‘mention’ an existing task.


That’s funny, I was just doing this in my diary entries. It doesn’t do the inline like you wanted though, I feel like there’s a missing regex find formula so I made it based on lines instead.

It’s currently setup with the regex: "^\w{3,10}: " for each line

It has a secondary table to where a button can transfer all the new extracts. I think it’s a nice intermediary step before making actual Todos, Tasks, Notes, or whatever, from the extracts.

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