Feature Request: Inline tasks and report

As we take notes, capture meeting notes and generally document any kind of information tasks or follow up items arise. It would be great if within the flow of this wring would could add a task. I’d imagine you’d simply turn a line of text into a task, @ an assignee even a due date. Visually its just a line of text with a check box next to it. The page would count the number incomplete tasks and place that number in several places. On the page icon in the left menu, in the header of the page. And most importantly there would be a “report” page that collects all the asks in a table/list that would show the task name, which page it is on, who is assigned. There could even be a calendar block that could be placed on any page that showed all the tasks by date.

I know you can create tables and use that as task tracking. But, that means tasks are outside of the natural flow of writing. The way I am describing it means they are directly included in the written notes.