Table that inputs to the Master


1st post… Can someone direct me to achieve the following:

I have the following:

  • An All Tasks table
  • A Meeting Note page
  • Action Items table in Meeting Notes

Trying to:

  • Have some of the fields from show in the Meeting Notes page.
  • To enter tasks in to the table
  • Tasks entered into to show in


Hi @Jason_Frasca!

As I understand your question you have Tasks table (1), Meeting notes table (2) and Meeting actions (3), right?

I would suggest you eliminate the actions table (3) and replace it with tasks. Each task can have a due date and could be linked to a note. You can always filter the tasks linked to the said Meeting. All “someday-maybe” tasks will also be there without a due date.

In case you have some other use case for the actions table (3) you can make a button, which copies the content of the action and creates a new row in the tasks table. Bear in mind that in this case you will have the task in two different tables and at some point it could be marked as completed in one place and not completed in the other.

Hope this helps!

@Business_Adviser -

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I think I’ve got a solution now… best.

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