How to create a simple weekly summary with aggregate data as well as extra calculations?

I’m new to Coda and finding it extremely frustrating as all the video’s and docs I can find is outdated with the features either renamed, moved, or changed. So I’m aware this question has been asked a few times and I’ve tried to work through all the answers, but I’m still not able to create a simply summary of a filtered table.

What I have is a filtered table that only shows this week’s data only (correct).

Each row contains a purchased item and the quantity, as well a a number of other fields that’s not important for the summary view.

I want a summary view that only contains the unique items and the aggregate sum of the quantity for each unique item.
I then want to add the price for each item with a lookup.
I want to calculate the cost by multiplying the total number of items purchased per week with the price per item to get a total cost per unique item.

For example:
Transactions per day (item and quantity):
Milk | 25
Croissant | 4
Coffee | 8.5
Milk | 20
Croissant | 6

I want to summarize this in a table for the weekly purchases:
Milk | 45 | 10 | 450
Croissant | 10 | 25 | 250
Coffee | 8.5 | 350 | 2 975

I’ve managed to calculate the total and add it as an extra column (option 1):
[Stock Received (Current Week)].Filter(Item.containstext(thisRow.Item)).Quantity.sum()

Or, by grouping and collapsing it by Item and Summing the Quantity (option 2).

However, I’m not able to add a calculation to work out the cost of purchases on either.

SO either I have a table with duplicate rows (option 1) but with a calculation.
OR I have a summarized group view but without the ability to add the total price and sum it for the week.

Please help!

Hello @delete

If you share a (dummy) doc it is a lot easier to help you.
And as far as I know, some functions have been renamed, but the old functions still work too. I am not aware of functions that require a different way of using them after any previous update.

Greetings, Joost

The old functions most probably work, indeed, but how would I know how to get them if they’re labeled something else and in a different place than specified on all the video’s and documents? It might make sense for people that’s used to it, but it sure doesn’t make it usable for a newbie @joost_mineur .

I wouldn’t have bothered adding an question here if I had any other means to get the answer. This answer is really not very friendly or helpful. It’s not as if I didn’t try (as you should be able to see).

allow me to jump in @delete , without a dummy doc it is unlikely you will receive the response you need, so please share a doc with data people like @joost_mineur can look into and help you out. Joost has not been unfriendly, not at all.

We all are volunteers trying to help others, but only if they permit us to help.

Cheers, Christiaan

Thanks, no problem. I’ll look for another way to try and resolve this. Happy weekend.