How to create a user view which includes private rows

For my team, I have a master table which includes rows of tasks in different categories and with other relevant columns. For each user, we have a filtered view of this table.

  1. My users want to be able to add their own tasks to their views, and they don’t want those tasks shared with the master table, as they could be reasonably private (though not so private that they warrant a new doc or separate view or table). These tasks are for the current user only.

  2. I have another master table for a different team, and as the manager of both teams, I want a view which merges both master tables into one. I could have a super-master table, then two master table views, then the user views, but this seems wrong and could get huge quickly.

Any ideas how to address these two issues?

One way would be to tag these semi-private tasks with a checkmark column, and filter them out using this checkmark in other more public views.

Thanks Ed, that could certainly work for the personal tasks.

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