Private Tasks and Public Tasks in a New Table

I have a table for master tasks shared by the team. I would like keep private tasks in a seperate table (e.g., for a manager that has sensitive info). Is there a way I can see both public and private tasks in one table on the manager’s private page? Assuming the schema is identical to both tables.

No easy way to do this yet.

Assuming there is a valid reason why you implemented those as two separate tables despite the same schema, and not a single table with two filtered views, here’s what you can do:

  • Make a third “report table” that you’ll populate with a mixture of tasks (create rows) from both sources upon a button click. Con: this risks being included in the Doc History and leaking private data.

  • Use my upcoming Cross-doc Plus pack to create a union table from two sources.

By private page you mean private doc? Otherwise there’s no such thing as private pages. Anyone having read access to the doc can figure out how to see all of the doc, including hidden and filtered items.

Thanks Paul. I think I will wait for your new pack.

I am still trying to figure out the best way to organize my company’s docs and pages for private viewing. I had emailed you last week about consulting and this was one of the topics I was hoping to discuss with you.

Yo, sorry for not replying earlier. I’ve been very busy lately, I’ve seen the message but then totally forgot about it. I’ll reply to you now.

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