How to create an outline in a canvas?

Hi Makers

I’ve created a table and set a column type as “canvas” where I would like to keep my reading notes. I can’t create an outline in the canvas as what I did with a page. So any idea or other ways to make a table of content in canvas?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Mu_He ,

Could you share a sample doc to better understand your expectations.



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Hi @Thierryvm

Thanks for the msg. Here is a screenshot of the outline that I want to have in a canvas view.

The canvas view refers to the column I set as the canvas type where I’d like to record my reading notes. (as below)

Hope it clarifies my question. Thanks.


Thank you for your feedback, but I’m not sure if it’s possible, at least from my current experience, I don’t really see how to do this.

But I am sure that people much more competent than me will pass by here ^^



Hi He

I have also not been able to get the /Outline working in the canvas column, there are a few page features like that.

But you could get fairly close by creating a two column table. In the firs column you have your heading, which would have appeared in your outline. In the second you have your notes. Then group the table on the first column, and hide/show the details as needed.


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No problem. Thank you anyway.

Thanks for the idea Piet. I will have a try. What I did is that I inserted a link to the sub-page where the outline can be updated automatically. :sweat_smile:

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That’s the thing with Coda, there is always SOME way to get something done if your willing to get creative.


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