How to create or modify a list without using formulas

Hi. My name is Breno.
I was trying to create or even to modify a simple list and I just couldn’t do it. I find really odd.
This picture that I uploaded shows two lists. They look the same but they are not. Only list 2 behave as a list. It’s a formula List(1,2,3). The list 1 was written down as it is.
My question is: How can I create or even modify a list without formula?

I happen to have buttons that create or modify a list in another table. Sometimes, I want create a list manually and I just can’t do it.

Hi Breno,

It looks like one is a string and one is a list. If you have a string that you’d like to convert to a list, you can use the Split() formula to split the string at any character.


would split the values at every comma.

Hi, @BenLee. Thank you for your answer but what I asked was how to create a list without using formulas . Coda always treat it as a string. I see that. I just want to write down a list not a string.

I don’t believe there is a way to just type as a list, so creating a second column with a formula to make it a list is likely the best way to solve the issue.