Convert a list to text

Is there any way turn a list to text?

The following are ways that I tried. They don’t work:

list(“cat”,“dog”, “kitten”).totext()

list(“cat”,“dog”, “kitten”).substitute(",", “”)

Is there any workaround that converts a list to text?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Bodhi, I took a quick look at your formulas. The issue appears to be the type of quotation marks you’re using. The left and right angled quotations (“”) function differently than the straight ones (""). To make the list() formula work correctly, you have to use the straight quotations. Here’s a working version of the formula:

list("cat","dog", "kitten").ToText()

True, but how do we get rid of the commas?

Like this :blush:

List("Cat","Dog","Kitten").Join(" ")