How to Create Table of Linear Milestones for a Project


I have downloaded the Linear Pack and there seems to be every single table except one for milestones which is the only one I am trying to use.

Has anyone tried this? The documentation says it should have milestones…

Coda by Packs4Coda Integration – Linear

The above link says:
" You can view your issues, projects, teams, milestones, cycles and more as Coda tables that are kept in sync"

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@Leandro_Zubrezki should know

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@David_Burkhart you should now see the Milestones table, each milestone row will have the related project!

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@Leandro_Zubrezki Wow, thank you so much!!!

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Apologies for revisiting this but my ultimate goal with this milestones table is to create a progress bar of how close each milestone is to being accomplished as well as the completed issues and issues that are left.

I do not see a way to get all of the related issues with each milestone on the table, do you know if this is possible?

It doesn’t seem there is any connection to milestones on the Linear issues table and vice versa.

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@David_Burkhart sorry I missed adding a reference to the milestone in the Issues table, but it should be there now. You can use filter formula to get all the issues related to a milestone based on the milestone in the row.

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