Launched: Milestones for timelines

A pivotal part of project tracking is setting milestones so your team knows what they’re working towards. We know it can be especially helpful to lay these milestones out visually as part of your project timeline, so we’ve added a milestone feature to Coda timelines.

Frame 1 (2).gif

Milestones can mark significant moments in a project like a launch date or phase completion. They’ll appear as small diamonds on your timeline to set them apart from the timeline events and like any items on your timeline, you can click and drag them to have the date change accordingly.

You can enable milestones from the timeline display options in the options menu. To add one, create a row in your table with a start date, but no end date or duration. Alternatively, you can click the + from the left panel of your timeline, and select new milestone. Milestones can be further customized with conditional formatting and easily removed by right-clicking them.

We’re excited to see how this addition levels-up your project trackers! Try it out and let us know what you think below.


Great update, but when are we getting more information on the left side of the pane.

We would like to see more information on the left side of the pane, like the ability to add more columns, etc.

See this example



Great. Thx!

I probably dictated this message into my iPhone, so please excuse any misspellings, or strange auto correct words.

Niiice! @Sam_Harper Well done!

I hope that a more sophisticated timeline which combines more data would be the level of improvement :wink:

Yes, yes, and more yes! I’ve been waiting for this feature.

Very cool addition. I would like to see a similar thing added to charts where we could set a manual base line or target line (like a budget amount in a bar graph or line graph).

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YES! Notion has this already since a long time. Also, the ability to add data besides the name to the timeline view

This is getting implemented tomorrow!!

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In regards to displaying Milestones, could there be a way to display an existing date attribute of a row as the Milestone? (Instead of having to create a new unique row)

For instance, would be nice If I have a “Feature Freeze” date column in a table of Releases, I could then set that Feature Freeze date as “is Milestone” in the options and have it show up.


Hey Sam, great feature!

Had a quick suggestion: for all of my use cases so far, I’ve felt like it’d be a bit more intuitive for the “End Date” to be the date used for Milestone rows (instead of the “Start Date”). Wonder if it’d make sense to treat rows that are missing one of the two dates as Milestone rows (and use whichever one is present as the Milestone date).

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How easy would it be to allow us to use emojis or symbols onto a timeline display? Maybe not just milestones but other tasks as well

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Thanks for adding this feature, super helpful. Unfortunately milestones being part of the same table means I have to add extra rows to a table that would otherwise be focused on my actual timeline data. Please consider adding the option to drive milestones from a separate table.

As an example if I am syncing JIRAs to drive my timeline I can’t just directly use the table without adding a bunch of milestones to it cluttering up that dataset. Similarly if I want to use a formula to calculate my end date I now have to consider how I can provide a blank date for milestones which is extra complexity and seems to be super buggy, worked yesterday, broken today.

If(thisRow.Epic.IsNotBlank(), If(thisRow.Release.IsNotBlank(), thisRow.Release.[Planned Release Week], thisRow.Epic.Duedate), "")

^ This was working now it says I have mixed data types. Please just let us pick a separate data source for milestones.

Here is an example setup that I think should work. Would be really appreciative if anyone has any ideas on how to fix it.

Edit: Was able to fix this with the help of support by Coercing the data type using ToDate() as seen in the link above.

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Hey Sam,

LOVE the milestones, but on projects with lots of them, those vertical lines are a distraction.
Any chance you could give us a toggle in the settings to turn them off?