Launched: New roadmapping and project management capabilities

Product teams have a lot to manage, from ever-changing roadmaps to competing project timelines. We want Coda to make this as easy as possible, so we’ve recently added a handful of new project management capabilities. Enforced dependencies and timeline milestones help visualize how projects and tasks interact with each other to keep your team on track.

In the spirit of keeping teams on track, we just launched two more exciting updates:

Create swim lanes with 2D card grouping

You can now group a card view along two dimensions— top and left—to manage tasks and visualize responsibilities more intuitively. This option simplifies large, unruly project tracking tables and opens up the ability to create swim lanes or Kanban boards grouped by status, team, and more.

Eliminate scheduling issues with custom working days and date-aware dependencies

To meet deadlines and effectively plan projects, your tooling needs to know your team’s working cadence. You can now configure custom working days—which interact with the NetWorkingDays() and Workday() formulas—in your region settings. And once you’ve done that, any dependencies you’ve set will now be aware of these these custom working days and ensure that tasks aren’t scheduled on non-working days when moved. Simply select the toggle under your timeline display to make task planning even easier.

To hear more from the team that made them happen, check out our latest “What’s new in Coda” video:


I’m gonna turn all my tables into cards now! :joy:


I really love the addition of timeline milestones, but I think it is backwards. The mile stone should be set if only the due date is filled in, not the start date. By doing is this way, it would be much easier to have both durations and milestones appear. Right now, I have a formula that transposes the dates so I can have both since tasks are due on their due date, not their start date.


great release! Very timely for us

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This 2D feature is amazing. Thank you

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I am so excited for these!

As someone who voted for the swimlanes (2D grouping) feature, so excited to see this :raised_hands:t4:
Also, just incredibly grateful to the Coda team for the cadence at which they make significant improvements to the product. Y’all are amazing!


That feature is AWESOME! Thank you, Coda Team :heart_eyes:

Now I’m only waiting for sequential entries per line in the Timeline view and I can die peacefully.

Keep up the good work. Really cool to see you release so many features


Card swim-lanes are huge! Thank you so much!

+1 I completely agree and have found a similar workaround.