Launched: New features to make your project trackers pop

Project trackers in Coda are like your favorite playlist—they’re curated to help you find what you’re looking for within seconds. Like adding a batch of new songs, this set of new features keeps your project trackers fresh.

Time after time(line).
When your team has several initiatives in flight, a timeline gives a bird’s eye view of what’s happening and when. Last quarter, we made it even easier to choose the time axis that works best with your data, so you can easily switch between daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly timelines to monitor progress and forecast bandwidth.


I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.
With callouts, your team will know exactly where to look. Draw attention to important content in your tracking doc: instructions, tips, warnings, and more. Choose from quick styles with pre-selected background colors and associated icons, or design your own. Give your tracker a polished feel while reducing confusion.


Red. Yellow. The best of both worlds.
Recently, we added gradient color fill options to progress bars, so you can watch as your initiatives change from red to orange to yellow to green as you move forward.


Coming soon: I love rock and scroll.
Soon, when you scroll horizontally through a table’s columns, the surrounding text will remain centered. No more getting lost in your doc as you dive through data—check out all the necessary info while keeping its context in sight.

Like that song that always catches your attention, these new features help you focus on the data you want at the moment. And when everyone can find what they need quickly, your team will better remain in sync. Copy our initiative tracker quick start to explore these new features today.


Callouts!!! WooHoooo!! :raised_hands:
Can’t wait for the new scrolling feature, sound awesome.


I love the new callout styles! Tip: you can also access these by typing “/callout” in your doc.


Thanks for the Callouts!!! Been waiting for this!

Ho really good, i love this update :slight_smile:

thank you so mutch @jboyle

This is a great update!
Thank you devs!

What an amazing company coda is!

Love then new callouts! Small bug I’ve noticed is that if a table link is included in one, it will render as the page name in the page outline (rather than the table name).

This is so cool. How do I enable the Timeline feature? Thanks!

Just in case someone else would like to know this :blush: : It has been answered here :point_down:


Yay awesome job Coda

Hi @loucadufault glad to hear you are enjoying the new feature! Would it be possible to reach out to with more details, including the doc link? I just tested and it’s working on my side, so we want to get to the bottom of what you’re seeing! Thank you!

:slight_smile: thanks @Katy_Turner

Thanks @loucadufault! Can you reach out to with this info? They’ll be able to dig in more, thank you!

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Is there a way to make a callout with no icon?

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I have noticed that you can select the Icon choice in the styling list, and if you type ‘remove’ into the icon selection box, you’ll get a blank icon which you can choose. But that leaves a really big space - ideally, I would like to be able to choose “no icon” and have the space collapse accordingly.

regular callout with icon

icon chooser with blank icon available

callout with blank icon (which looks like a big space to the left of the text - would like this to just collapse when there is no icon)

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indeed the forced Icon is not welcome in many scenarios

I could not get the same result by following your instructions, ‘remove’ resulted not in a selectable white space icon

time for coda to fix this


Hi @jboyle,

love the call-out boxes, but recently ran into a problem with the them on the matter of collapsible content. It seems that they do not honor the formatting applied.

Please see a gif enclosed, as well as a screenshot and an accompanying text description below:

  1. Gif:
    Screen Recording 2022-11-23...

  2. Text Description
    I have two main headers, formatted as h1.
    Beneath each main header, I have some text, and a smaller h3-headline, which the user can expand to reveal a table underneath.

This works just as it should when the h1-headers are regular text (ie not a call-out box).

Once these h1-headers are placed within a call-out box (or rather, once a call-out box is inserted and formatted as h1), the are collapsed underneath the h3-header above.

Even though the h1-header should not be substitued underneath an h3-header, but rather serves as the break-point for the content collapse.

Is this intentional that the collapsing/exanding with call-out boxes does not work as it does with regular text? When using the page outline, the Call-out boxes show their level just as regular text does (ie h1 is the outer level, h3 is the inner level). So it seems very surprising to me that the levels are not adhered to on the canvas.

Kindly advise if this is something that will be changed, or if Call-out boxes shall not/cannot be used for collapsible content.


  1. Static Screenshot:
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This has been fixed! Thanks, Coda team! "No Icon" option for Callouts