Launched: Improvements to timelines

A few things:

  • combination of data visualised (e.g. bars visualise duration of a task, while also having dots visualising the sub-tasks of the task) - IMHO, this is very important to have a real powerful useful timeline
  • connecting tasks and changing dependencies directly in the chart
  • visualisation of the day transition considering a start hour and end hour in a month and week views
  • cards layout in the timeline
  • customisable hover-over tooltips
  • 0 duration tasks
  • bottom “footer” visually summarising the elements with icons representation (different icons by type of data)

One of the best presentation on how modern looking timeline should look like to be useful is created by Whole other level of boring 90s look timelines. Coda style would be this particular one which is powerful enough to be useful.

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