Timeline suggestions

There are a few things getting in the way of me using the timeline for even simple timelining/scheduling purposes:

  1. Support for additional fields to be displayed on the left in the table (for example, so that I could add resource names, duration, status, or other task metadata as columns) - High priority
  2. Allow me to select the table column that will be used as the bar label inside the text. This would allow me to calculate a label which contains the details of the task that I consider important. - High priority
  3. Allow me to select a table column to display an additional label outside the gantt bar (to the right or left of it) - Nice-to-have priority.
  4. More generous labelling of weeks/days/months. For example a timeline with Time Axis set to weekly only has one date displayed for every 8 weeks. Only slightly better than no labels at all!

As it is - there is a lot of really important task information which is just not visible in the timeline view. The only way to see it is to drill through on individual tasks.
So a team looking at a Gantt chart can’t tell easily which tasks are assigned to which person. Or if a person is allocated at 100% or 50%. Or which team the task is assigned to (if that’s a thing), or what priority the task is (if that’s a thing). Doing 1 and or 2 above would be a huge help in taking the timeline view from nice-looking-but-not-very-useful to very useful.