How to display an image or source file from GitHub

Hello everybody :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m trying to include in my doc some image files and source files from github.
I’m using github coda pack.
I’m using GetRepositoryContent(account, “” , “path_to_file”).entries.content

(A) Dealing with text files.
If path_to_file is a .txt file for instance, the content is displayed but without newlines. Do I miss something ?

(B) Dealing with images
If path_to_file is a .gif file for instance, I want the image to be displayed, not binary content. Is there a file conversion function to convert the binary to an image ?

(C) Is there a another pack that handle the display with source file formatiing or so ?

(D) Is there another simple way to display github file directly in a doc ? I tried to use embed with github url, but this is not working.

Thanks for your help !

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