How to filter view all the items in a lookup list?

I have a control “x” that exists outside of the table which = a project DB name.

What I want is to be able to say if project DB = x, show only the action items in the test list.

say control x is brand identity, then it should show all the action items listed in the test list column.

Is this possible to do?

What’s the current formula for test list column?

thisRow.[projects DB].[all sub action items]

where [all sub action items] in the [projects DB] is

ListCombine(FormulaMap(thisRow , thisRow.[project path].[action items DB]))

It basically lists out all the action items in the parent project and all it’s sub-projects

Ok cool. So you’d like the test list cell to be empty, for any rows whose projects DB is not selected in the control?

For that I would use an IF().

Test list formula:

  [ControlX].Contains([projects DB]),
  thisRow.[projects DB].[all sub action items],

Does that get you where you want to be?

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ahh this makes sense but it didn’t work :confused: it only showed the one where the project DB (lookup) is the control X

Could you share the doc publicly?

When I select “Brand Identity” in the control, what should be listed in the rightmost column?

It lists out the action items under it including it’s child-projects. That’s the action items I want.

I think I understand what you’re trying to do (maybe? :sweat_smile:)

Try setting the formula of focus action items table, test list column to:

thisRow.[projects DB].[all sub action items].Filter(CurrentValue.[projects DB] = [project focus control])


Hi Nick! Thank you for suggesting this! This is exactly what I did in the test list formula, so it’s there already. What I am trying to do is to only show the action items shown (in the test list) in a filter view of the action items table. That’s where I’m stumped xD

I guess I’m still confused about what you’re after. You want to filter to just show certain rows in the table labeled focus action items yeah? If Brand Identity is selected in the control, can you list the rows that should show in focus action items for me?

Oh sorry about that! I feel like I’m being very confusing :frowning:

I’ve done some more testing and it seems like the test list isn’t showing me what I need. But this formula works: thisRow.[projects DB].[all sub action items]

On that page there are two filtered view tables: one for projects and one for action items.

When Brand Identity is selected in the control, the projects table view (Project Focus View) at the top shows the project, it’s sub-projects and all it’s associated action items. It is this list of action items that I want shown in the action items filtered view (Focus Action Items) at the bottom (so 4 items).

At the Brand Identity level in Project Focus View, you’ll see the 4 items listed in the all sub action items column.

Does this make it a little clearer? :confused:

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[project focus control].[all sub action items].Contains(thisRow)

It was a lot simpler that I thought ooof

Thank you for helping me think this through Nick! I appreciate it <3


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