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Can you help me solve this?

45 second Loom on my work so far

Hi Christien,

Coda does not understand the “=” in front of the formula. (Green boxes). The message is not the clearest, I admit. Just delete the sign, to get rid of the error message.

Second, Matches is used in conjunction with a control. (Red box.

Below is an example of matches in action:
It is the formula behind a filter using a canvas control.

There was a long discussion on doing what you are looking in the last few weeks. I will see if I can find that, if I remember correctly, it was not a trivial exercise.


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HI Christien

Here is the post I was thinking of:

The formula used looks like this:

It might be a little slow, it is going to look, 8000 times, for an entry in a list of 8000 items, so it is 64 million comparisons.

If it gives you the results you are looking for, please share the time it takes? Maybe there are ways to speed up the process.


@Piet_Strydom still working on it; but I just took the “=” out of my formulas, so that fixed a bunch of different things. LOL :slight_smile: Thank you

Hi Piet - I’m the DOUG that post really worked for, and I’m grateful to Billy_Jackson for coming up with it. Had to remember to think in rows instead of cells.

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Yeah, the one thing I could remember was that it was for you… Made it easy to find. :wink:

I am just intrigued to see what Coda will do with two lists of 8,000 entries each…

Yes, indeed. Maybe a whole different approach like the one the mathematicians use for search?