How to get multiple column from filter formular?

Hello Friends,

Is that possible to get multiple columns from the filter formular ?

I am trying to do the follows:

I have a feature list table per project

And I want to filter and display Feature List for each project


Project |  Feature List
   foo       a:1
             b: 2
             c: 3
  bar       alpha:100

The best I can eke out currently is using filters and bullet list, but seems only the feature name is displayed, I couldn’t figure out how to lookup and reference to other columns other than the display column. It is like this

Project |  Feature List
foo          a
bar         alpha

The sample doc is here:

Is that possible at all ?




Here two other ways you can play with this concept.

@Ander Thanks a lot Eric! This is exactly what I am looking for and even more,

appreciate the help very much,

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