How to get published URL from within Coda

Is it possible to get a document’s publish-URL from a formula?

We don’t have that available currently. I’m curious what the use-case is though.


I’m trying to streamline the creation of new RFPs that I publish and distribute to prospective service providers. Right now the process is:

  1. Go into my RFP List doc and create a new RFP.
  2. Manually create a copy of my RFP template doc.
  3. Unlock, manually refresh all of the cross-doc tables (they don’t refresh on document creation), and select the right one for the RFP.
  4. Publish the doc (which is a pain in its own right because of the publishing delay) and get the URL
  5. Go back to my RFP List doc and update it with the URL

I’m looking for ways to streamline the process. I’m waiting for:

  • Y’all to enable the copying of a doc from another doc (extension of recently released feature)
  • For new docs to automatically synchronize cross-doc tables for a newly copied section, or having a button I can push to trigger a refresh on multiple tables (without having to unlock and having to click on each table individually)
  • And in this question, figuring out if there’s an easy way to get the published URL back to my RFP list (via API or otherwise).