How to list outstanding items?

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for a “filter out” formula, or a “subtract” formula to help me track outstanding items in lookup select lists. I must be missing something!

Imagine I’m renovating a house. I have three tables:

  1. Rooms
  2. Types of work
  3. Jobs to do

This means that I can I have a room that needs painting and decorating. Then I can create a job to paint the room. When I complete that job, I want to be shown that the room still needs decorating!

How do I show the “Work Still To Do” in the Rooms table below?

Thank you thank you.

Hi @Benjamin_Lindley

Is that you’re looking for ?
If yes, the formula put in Rooms database will filter the data from the Jobs data base where the room are the same as current row, and with job uncomplete.

You can add .BulletedList() at the end for a bulleted display. You may also see that if I add a worktodo name and a new job, this is uptodate :smiley:

Please let me know if its ok for you mate :wink:


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Hi Quentin, thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, I’m not looking for a list of “Jobs”. I’m actually looking for a list of “Work To Do”. I’m looking to see what work is left in each room.

If we haven’t created a Job for the work yet, then we wouldn’t be able to know what work still needs to be done in each room.

So in my mind, put super simply, the logic in the Rooms table might go something like this:

Work To Do: Paint, Decorate
Work Done: Paint
Work Still To Do: Work To Do - Work Done = Decorate

Is there a formula that I can use to solve this? A .FilterOut formula I suppose would be perfect…

Hi @Benjamin_Lindley

if you want to “substract” the two columns, may be you can use this formula ?

Let me know

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