How to list user task when each task have more than one user?

I have a doc with a task list where each task can be owned by more than one user. I have another table that count how many tasks each user have. I can count if a task has only one user, but when I add another user it stop counting.

I’m using this formula: Tasks.Countif(Owner=thisRow.User)

There is another table that shows each of the users tasks. Again, it only works if I the task has only one use. The formula I’m using is: Tasks.filter(Owner=thisRow.User)

How can I fix this? I have tried different solutions and formulas but nothing works.

:wave: Hey there!

You can fix this by using the .contains() formula. You are currently using = which is trying to compare exact values. For example:

  • User 1 = User 1 | This will always be true! Because they are exact values
  • User 1 = (User 1, User 2) | This will never be true, because the equal sign is trying to compare exact values

But .contains() lets you know if something is in a list. So:

  • (User 1, User 2).contains(User 1) | This would be true! Because the list (aka the thing inside the parenthesis) contains, or has in it, the value you are after.

You could also use in() which just says "Hey, can you check as list and see if my target value is in() it?

  • User 1, User 2) | This would be true!

Hopefully that helps!


It worked perfectly! Thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir !

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